Are you overwhelmed by all you feel?
Do you protect your heart?
Are you able to respond to life
the way you want to?

All of these issues can be addressed when you realize that they are tied to your hormone mediated survival stress-responses.

Your triggered nervous system is not your enemy.

Freedom from a maladaptive stress response is your birthright!

Welcome To Hormonal Freedom

YES! You too can experience more of what I call “hormonal freedom”. Hormonal freedom is that space where your body feels safe. It is calm, centered, focused and empowered. Able to respond to life with an undefended heart.

Learn how to gently influence your hormonally mediated survival stress-response using a path that integrates mind, body and spirit.

Our bodies are our own personalized piece of Mother Nature. They are designed to work in harmony with all that is.

In January of 2020, I was called to end my 30 years of doctoring hormonally mediated medical problems such as menopause, thyroid and adrenal issues. Now I am dedicated to bringing my wisdom to anyone who is experiencing an over amplified stress response, whether they have medical issues or not.

Join me on this interactive educational journey that includes not only information gained from my medical career but also shares my unique perspective on the nature of reality. I have been blessed by a multitude of profound mystical experiences over my lifetime. These experiences have literally shifted my physical perception of reality. Are you ready to shift yours?

Hormonal freedom is a path to freedom from the often over amplified, disempowering hormonal stress response!

Click Here to take the free self-assessment quiz below to find out if you are ready for hormonal freedom now.

Hormonal freedom is an educational tool that is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological treatment. It is designed to work with other therapies and assumes that each individual will take full responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Through this course work you will gradually learn own your ability to respond to life, in a way that is perfect for you. This ownership creates a spaciousness in your life where you can feel connected to all that is and safe in your body.
It’s time for us all to experience hormonal freedom!

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Who I Am

The blessing that Dr. Ann Marie Tommey received during a near death experience at age 14 inspired her loving and compassionate practice of medicine for 30 years. During her first 15 years she focused on caring for pregnant women, new mothers, and babies as an OB/GYN. While she loved this work, she had a habit over giving and eventually burned out. She then realized she needed to learn to care for herself as well as for others, and this led her into the then nascent field of functional medicine specializing in hormones. During these years, she helped 1000s of women and some men discover how to balance their empowered action with self-care and self-compassion, opening the door to truly living their best lives.

Most recently she has shifted again, bringing new passion and focus to her work on the interactions between mind, body and spirit that have continued to be vital to her since her life altering experience at 14. She is now bringing out into new teachings her deepest wisdom developed through her lifelong spiritual journey that includes yet exceeds her work as an MD. She works with groups and teaches courses, supporting her people to empower themselves through setting boundaries, making new choices when emotionally driven to stay the same, and become their own expert on what they want and need – and how to get it!


Dr. Ann Marie Tommey is, frankly, nothing short of an amazing human being, woman, intuitive and medical doctor. She offers us not only her extensive technical and medical skills, but her even more empowering inner most knowing, emotionally-sparked intuition, primally-powerful instincts and spiritually-inspired wisdom. She is a remarkable healer, awakener, empowerer, nurturer and teacher, whose many gifts inspire our souls, ground our ‘self’ and open our hearts. Ann Marie is a revolutionary spokesperson of our body’s wisdom, our emotion’s power and our humanity’s dynamism. To spend time with her is to open your own body-mind-emotion-spirit to their maximum levels of aliveness and empowerment.”
Bill Bauman,Ph.D.

Founder of the Center for Soulful Living

Ann Marie Tommey is a unique, approachable, compassionate medical professional who changes lives by encouraging her patients to understand how their bodies work and how they can work with their bodies to build health and happiness. Wonderful human and extraordinary physician.
Colleen Rosenthal

Colleen Rosenthal Photography

The help I received from Dr. Tommey gave me my life back. A phrase often heard in our home is “Thank you, Dr. Tommey!” 💗💗
Trisa Tyler

Tyler Insurance Agency

Ann Marie has an incredible presence that she brings to everything.
Kevin Hauber

Pacific Trust Mortgage

“I absolutely recommend Ann Marie Tommey. Her services have changed my life. I am now free to be me!
Pamela A. Richerson

Richerson Special Education

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Hormonal Freedom

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